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My name is Wisith. This blog is dedicated to all things fashion/style related. You'll find pictures of my outfits, my inspirations, articles, etc.

I admire all aesthetics, from streetwear traditional mens ear. Inspiration comes from individuals worldwide, from Bangkok to Los Angeles.

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One of my favorite biz-cas outfits for the warmer days:  polo and lightweight/year-round trousers.

The pendulum swings.  Got a bit tired with more tapered chinos, so I’m rocking a pair with ~8” leg openings.

funthera asked: Hi! Big fan of your blog and I love your sense of style. I was wondering where you get most of your dress shirts? I'm a slim dude and most dress shirts I get are pretty baggy for me in the arms. I do own a dress shirt from Kent Wang and it fits perfectly except i'm not too big of the collars (too big for my taste). Are there any other brands I should check out for someone my body size? Thanks in advance.


Thanks for the compliment.  Brands like Kent Wang and Epaulet are big on the ‘American Roll’ collar, which I also dig.

I’m a relatively small guy myself at 5’10”, 160 lbs.  A lot of the brands from Barneys (my all time favorite store) fit me well off the rack, though they can be pricey (even when discounted).

You can make mall brands work with a good tailor.  Before I had the salary to buy more expensive clothes, I would strictly buy on sale items from J. Crew and Banana Republic.  This was back in 2009 or so and their ‘slim fit’ back then was more of an American slim fit so it was still quite baggy on me.  I would have my tailor open up the sides and take in the sleeves and width to conform to my body and slim the shirt down.  My tailor charges $15 for this service.

I think you would do well with the current slim fit from J. Crew and the Extra Slim Fit from Brooks Brothers.

I also have dress shirts made from www.mytailor.com which I love because you can customize them to your liking.  It is a MTM (made to measure) process.  You can also just send them a good fitting shirt and have them copy that.  You can tell them what kind of collar you want, if you want double barrel buttons on the sleeve, longer shirt length for a better tuck, etc.  I have about 10 shirts from them.  I go to them for staple patterns, and their price ranges from $50-130 if I recall correctly, depending on the quality of the fabric.

Hope this helps a bit!

Some more J. Crew items arrived this week.  They were bought at a deep discount of course.  The blue/teal oxford cloth button down was bought at ~$13.  The white/gray striped popover was ~$22.  The cargo pants were ~$23 each.

I’m pretty happy with the items.  The oxford cloth button down is short enough to wear untucked.  The popover hovers over the line, though I am curious how it would look tucked into a navy suit…can’t wait to try it out.

I have wanted cargo pants again ever since I saw Captain America:  Winter Soldier when it debuted in theaters.  These pants are really light, feel windbreaker-ish.  If I had to take a stab at its weight, I would say around 6-7 oz.  I would have preferred a more mid-weight feel, but at ~$23, I can’t complain much.

I’m falling in love with Drakes of London ties.

Mixing patterns with the first suit, first pair of Aldens, and newest tie.

I guess your style does change throughout time, even if it does it unconsciously.  A few years ago when I first entered into the menswear world after my sneaker wearing days, I fell in love with the rolled up chinos tucked into shirts look, as made apparent by the top two pictures. 

I never thought I would be wearing sneakers much again.  But as time flew by, I found myself slowly buying them (though not in abundance like I once did).  I never thought I would be wearing stacked jeans again as well, but that was also shown to be incorrect.

At the present time, I can see myself going with either aesthetic.  I can definitely appreciate streetwear as much as menswear.  They both have a place in my wardrobe.

Silk, linen, and suede.

3 pairs of pants for roughly $30 at J. Crew. Not too bad of a deal :)

Life can be blurry at times if you don’t slow down to enjoy it.

Popover Thursday.

Business casual with oxford cloth and linen.

Workwear inspired today since I haven’t worn this Tanner Goods belt in a while.

Shirt:  J. Crew

Belt:  Tanner Goods

Chinos:  Epaulet

Shoes:  Alden

Taking the new linen/silk blazer out for a a spin.

These are my J. Crew’s steals from the last month or so:

1.  silk/linen blazer for ~$70.  This was a phone order that was supposed to be for the matching jacket to the plaid wool trousers in a latter picture.  The sales rep contacted me and said she will price-match this blazer since it was a mistake on their part.

2.  camo shirt for ~$17.

3.  camo jacket for ~$43.

4.  navy wool trousers for ~$17.  Not that I needed another pair of navy pants, but for such a low price that rivals that of fast fashion brands, I could not resist.  Plus, the Ludlow Slim trousers are some of the few pants that fit me perfectly without tailoring.

5.  plaid wool trousers for ~$43.  A heftier weight of wool trousers that would be good for the colder days.  I only wish I can get the matching jacket to make it a suit.

Everything is estimated to be at least 80% off retail prices.  Not a bad haul I think!

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