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My name is Wisith. This blog is dedicated to all things fashion/style related. You'll find pictures of my outfits, my inspirations, articles, etc.

I admire all aesthetics, from streetwear which includes anti-fit and avant garde to traditional men's wear. Inspiration comes from individuals worldwide, from Bangkok to Los Angeles.

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Finally got around to owning a seersucker jacket!

Seersucker, ‘bucks, and linen…the summery vibe continues.

Jacket:  J. Crew

Shirt:  Custom made by Mr. Lee (in West Los Angeles, CA)

Bowtie:  J. Crew

Trousers:  Epaulet

Shoes:  Alden

Pocket square:  Banana Republic

Another day another bowtie :)

Shirt:  J. Crew

Bowtie:  Rag & Bone

Chinos:  Epaulet

Boots:  Clarks

Keeping the spring/summery theme with linen trousers and chambray bowtie.

Shirt:  J. Crew

Bowtie:  J. Crew

Belt:  Brooks Brothers

Trousers:  Epaulet

Shoes:  Alden


Steve McQueen with his classic G9 Barracuda is featured in:

Hollywood and The Ivy Look

Published by Reel Art Press


(via joshuasaussey)

The ever changing of one’s style.

I’ve talked to a couple of friends about this topic.  I came to the conclusion that even if you have settled on a particular aesthetic (be it menswear, workwear, goth-ninja, etc), your preferences continue to change with time. 

For example, back in 2009 or so, I loved the sport shirts with the sleeves rolled up look.  I also enjoyed trousers with no break, and rolled up chinos.  As the years went on, I grew to enjoy pants with narrow leg openings, around 7” or a bit less.  At the current moment, I no longer like the rolled up sleeves on the sport shirts look too much.  While I still like slim fitting pants, but I am intrigued with a more wider leg opening, around 7.5-8” with a slight break.

Yet another warm day :)

Drop crotch pants to run errands today.

Jacket:  Shipley & Halmos

Shirt:  Save Khaki

Pants:  Zanerobe

Sneakers:  Maison Martin Margiela

suitsareforever asked: Hey man! So, Epaulet Santa Monica is closing. I spoke to Mike last weekend and he told me that they will be having a closing party this Saturday. You gonna be there? Have you been to any of the previous Epaulet parties? Cheers!

Hi there,

Yes! Sadly they are packing it up in LA for now. I will be there with a few friends tomorrow, probably at around noon since I’m an early bird. I went to the grand opening as well. I also stopped by a few times. Mike and Adele are good folks!

Anonymous asked: Hi, Are Drake's London ties or even any other expensive ties worth it? Is there anything special about them?


I’m sure the hand on them is great. I don’t have any so I can’t say for certain. I prefer skinnier ties, 2.5 to 3” wide. Try looking at Kent Wang’s ties too. His products are top quality at competitive prices.

This cropped blazer is easily one of my favorite pieces of all time.

Blazer:  Thom Grey

Shirt:  Custom made by Mr. Lee (in West Los Angeles, CA)

Tie:  J. Crew

Pocket square:  Kent Wang

Trousers:  Epaulet

Shoes:  Alden

Patiently waiting for a flood ;)

Shirt:  Epaulet

Suit:  Thick As Thieves

Pocket square:  Kent Wang

Shoes:  Allen Edmonds

Been a while since I’ve worn a bowtie.  Thought I should wear a cotton one with linen pocket square to tie in with the spring/summer vibe.

Suit:  Thick as Thieves

Shirt:  Banana Republic

Bowtie:  J. Crew

Shoes:  Crockett & Jones

Pocket square:  Kent Wang

First time owning/wearing a cotton sport coat.  Paired it with linen trousers, ‘bucks, and a cotton tie for that timeless spring/summer vibe :)

Jacket:  Gant by Michael Bastian

Shirt:  J. Crew

Tie:  Rag and Bone

Pocket square:  Kent Wang

Trousers:  Epaulet

Belt:  Brooks Brothers

Shoes:  Alden

Simplicity:  Now that most of my Nike and Jordan sneakers are sold, I’m back to rocking Quoddy’s on the warmer weekends.

Shirt:  Barneys New York

Shorts:  Barneys New York

Shoes:  Quoddy

Raw, selfedge, and painted.

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