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I finally put in an order with No Man Walks Alone last week.  If the forum affiliated/brewed company was around back when I was rebuilding my wardrobe, I surely would be a regular customer (not to say I won’t be returning!)

The customized box and personalized note are pretty cool.  The best part was the price.  With the special promotion they were running, the shoes came out to a very attractive price.

I’ve always disliked single monkstrap shoes.  That was why I passed up the great deals I saw throughout the years.  A couple of months ago, I began to look around for a single monkstrap, preferably in black on a sleek last.  It was a tough search since the popular of double monkstraps is still in full swing.  I randomly stumbled onto this pair on a search, and it was an instant buy.  This is my second pair of Alfred Sargent shoes, and the quality is top notch as I expected.  Very underrated brand in the USA I think.

The weather somewhat cooled down today…popcorn knit, raw denim, and work-wear boots.

Another day, another pair of double monks.

Always wanted to try double monks with shorts.  Also taking out the Kent Wang polo for its first wear.  Really digging the fit, may pick up a couple more soon!

Oxford cloth chinos and desert boots…perfect for a mid 90s F Casual Friday.

Swapped out the bone colored laces for black ones. I think they look indefinitely better.

Summer might be official over, but the warm weather allows these new Quoddy’s to be worn.

Initially back in 2011 this was my least favorite TOJ leather piece. Ironically enough, it is the only leather piece I kept.


La Vie En Noir

The menswear boy is branching out.

Collection since 2009 for work, travel, and personal.

From left to right: Bally, Jack Spade, Saddleback, Eastpak x APC, Burberry, LV, LV, Banana Republic.

These Allen Edmonds Hanover should look quite good with the tux.

Top class.

Finally got a chance to try Uniqlo’s t-shirts.  I’m really liking the fit.  The stitching and hand feel nice for a ~$12 shirt.  Just hope it holds up well enough to justify buying more.

For what it’s worth, the shirt is a medium.  I’m 5’10” at 160 lbs with 38” chest.

Wardrobe Over-haul 2014

If I had to start my wardrobe from scratch today it would be pretty minimalist (or boring).  No windowpane suits or luxury sneakers.  Key focus would be neutral/mundane colors that would allow for easy coordination. 

This list is inspired by my recent interest in interior design from a minimalist aspect.

Polos, one in white and one in gray:



Charcoal suit, which would look awesome as separates too:


Double monks.  The patina will form quite nicely in this dark brown hue.  Though I may be in the minority here, I really like them with shorts.


Alden #8 boots:


A more formal balmoral from Allen Edmonds.  You can still order a pair directly from them for about $200. 


Khaki chinos:


Jack Purcells:


Dark pair of jeans.  This is where almost everyone suggests raw denim so whiskers and honeycombs can be formed over time.  With me, I prefer a more uniform look. 


3  white dress shirts; one in point collar, one in spread collar, and one in button down oxford cloth:


Navy trousers:


Navy cardigan:


Gray hoody:


A couple of t shirts (in black, white and/or gray):


Of course this is not a complete list, but I feel it is a solid foundation to work with. 

Got a chance to catch Sin City:  A Dame to Kill For last night.  I thoroughly enjoyed it, just like the first one.  Joseph Gordon Levitt’s character looked really good in the dark slim fitting suit.  It wouldn’t be surprisingly if it’s made by Jil Sander or the likes.

I think he’s one of the very few who can pull off the extremely slim tie/lapel look off very well.

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