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Another day, another pair of double monks.

Always wanted to try double monks with shorts.  Also taking out the Kent Wang polo for its first wear.  Really digging the fit, may pick up a couple more soon!

Oxford cloth chinos and desert boots…perfect for a mid 90s F Casual Friday.

Summer might be official over, but the warm weather allows these new Quoddy’s to be worn.

Finally got a chance to try Uniqlo’s t-shirts.  I’m really liking the fit.  The stitching and hand feel nice for a ~$12 shirt.  Just hope it holds up well enough to justify buying more.

For what it’s worth, the shirt is a medium.  I’m 5’10” at 160 lbs with 38” chest.

Can’t go wrong with German Army Trainers.

Always wanted to wear this jacket as a separate.

Another day another pair of digi camos.

Denim, twill, and chromexcel.

White top with beige bottom will always be one of my favorite combinations.

Chambray, digi camo, and natural chromexcel.

One of the things I love about Epaulet:  awesome sport shirts.

Took the Wolverine 1K “McCleans” out for their first wear today.  They are much lighter than the Alden Indy’s and Red Wings, very comparable to Chippewa boots.  Pretty happy with them given they were bought on sale.

Boring Tuesday.

Horizontal stripes breaking up the vertical ones.

Playing with proportions.

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